Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A comment on social distortions

With all the turmoil around the election of president-elect Trump, the accusations of ties to Russia and the Russian hacking, and the total changing of government positions to be held by what appears to be a who's who list of the rich I have to wonder about the sanity of it all.  Are American voters simply going for one last throw of the dice and hoping for a miracle.  I need to know if this is where we have to finally throw down and pit man against man, ideals against business sense and religion against morality.  My head is hurting from all the possibilities and scenarios that may play out in the near future.  The poor cry out daily. The children are lost amongst the rhetoric.  I am lost and seeking the answers.  My truths, the beliefs I have grown up with, seem to have forsaken me in this time of need.  Social distortions are becoming the norm replacing the straight and narrow we have always known.  It is a dark road we travel these days.  I for one am afraid.

author:  joe garcia--American--Texan--Mexican--citizen--man

Kansas election threw out thousands of ballots

Kansas election officials threw out thousands of ballots

It is truly unbelievable that so many ballots could have been lost as a result of registering online.  Many votes tossed even with screenshots as proof.  One can only surmise that there many other problems in other states as well that would lead us to question the voting process in America.

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