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How to Spot a Slumlord | Socyberty

Over the past years there have been so many problems to deal with in this country.  Personal and national economics have been in the forefront of our daily woes for some time.  With nearly 10 per cent of the nation unemployed, is it any wonder that Americans are looking for any, and all ways, either to supplement their incomes or guard what incomes they currently possess?  So why do some still try to take advantage of those in need?  Why do slumlords still exist and how can they be recognized?

So many Americans have had to change residence, due either to foreclosure, or due to lack of adequate income.  For those lacking the income to afford their current housing, the option has general been to find cheaper housing.  This is where the trouble begins.  This is the first sign of a possible slumlord.  They will offer rent at a significantly lower rate.

Cheaper housing usually means that the upkeep of the property may be woefully lacking.  The property may not be level, windows may be sealed shut and the place may not have been cleaned before renting.  Many times there is an excuse as to why the lawn is not cut.  Doors may not hang right, electric outlet covers may be missing and the paint job may be horrendous to the average visitor.

Most often, these landlords will not work with a written agreement.  There is a reason for this.  A written agreement means that there are two parties involved and will require responsibilities to be performed by both parties.  All those things that are lacking in the property upkeep will now come into play.  The renter will want them fixed and the landlord does not want the expense or trouble.

The landlord may make notice of the lower rent and ask renters to do the repairs.  This could be beneficial to a possible renter who may lack the funds for security and pet deposits.  An oral agreement might be made to offset some of the renters’ costs. 

Such a landlord will usually not want an itemized inventory of property defects.  This means trouble for them.  Trouble and costs are what slumlords oppose.  For many the motto is “You don’t want it as is, then go on down the road because somebody else will.”

Why do these slumlords exist?  There simply is not enough regulation in place to advance quick action on the renters’ behalf.  Slumlords exist almost everywhere there is civilization.  There are those who have no choice but to succumb to their limited offers.  There are those who just don’t know the signs that point out a slumlord.

Believe it or not, many are not aware of slumlords...they simply take what they can get. That is not good enough.

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