Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Somebody was talking to me the other day about the health insurance problem in America. Most Americans are without insurance because either their employer does not offer paid insurance or they cannot afford coverage as an independent contractor, self employed or unemployed individual.

An idea was pushed into our conversation that the government should pay for health insurance for all Americans. Well, let me tell you, I did not like this idea (except for the free part). From what I see as an individual citizen, a lot of scenarios would be better as long as the government is not in control. It seems that they screw up enough programs as it is. Why would we want more government inefficiency and financial waste than already exists?

No, my opinion is that at the present, I do not get enough bang for the buck when it comes to the taxes I pay. Big business cheats me enough. Big government would leave me destitute. We must fix our health care system but on our level and on our terms. There are ways to accomplish this if we really apply ourselves.

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