Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A comment on social distortions

With all the turmoil around the election of president-elect Trump, the accusations of ties to Russia and the Russian hacking, and the total changing of government positions to be held by what appears to be a who's who list of the rich I have to wonder about the sanity of it all.  Are American voters simply going for one last throw of the dice and hoping for a miracle.  I need to know if this is where we have to finally throw down and pit man against man, ideals against business sense and religion against morality.  My head is hurting from all the possibilities and scenarios that may play out in the near future.  The poor cry out daily. The children are lost amongst the rhetoric.  I am lost and seeking the answers.  My truths, the beliefs I have grown up with, seem to have forsaken me in this time of need.  Social distortions are becoming the norm replacing the straight and narrow we have always known.  It is a dark road we travel these days.  I for one am afraid.

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Kansas election threw out thousands of ballots

Kansas election officials threw out thousands of ballots

It is truly unbelievable that so many ballots could have been lost as a result of registering online.  Many votes tossed even with screenshots as proof.  One can only surmise that there many other problems in other states as well that would lead us to question the voting process in America.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Donald Trump Arizona Rally Video: See Full Coverage As Protester Kicked, Punched By Trump Supporters At Tuscon Rally

Donald Trump Arizona Rally Video: See Full Coverage As Protester Kicked, Punched By Trump Supporters At Tuscon Rally: “They’re taking away our First Amendment rights. They’re troublemakers, they’re no good, and we have to be careful,” Trump said. “We’ve gotta take our country back, folks. We gotta take our country back, very simple.”

Mr. Trump begs us to ask just who needs to take back the country?  Is it the rich white elitists that need a tighter reign over an already over impoverished nation?  Is the wall street tycoons who need to get back the monies they feel are wasted on the general public?  Maybe it is simply the white Americans wishing to put themselves back into the catbird seat where they can enjoy a continued reign over the majority of people of a different skin tone and color?  We won't even delve into any religious aspects, the conversation gets too complicated to control.

Protests are common but do not detract from America until we begin to see violence within them. Violence is a detraction to all sides concerned.  It needs to be controlled and not tolerated.  Vile rhetoric as being spewed forth by Donald Trump is what is taking our country away from us, the American, and it needs to be stopped immediately.  We need to take our country back from those like Trump who believe they are above us all.  In truth, he is not.  It is a truth he needs to learn.  That truth could have made him a true front runner for the presidency.  As of now, he is only a true social distortion that is marring the beauty of this country and its basic principles.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

It is Latino Time

Too little reaction is coming from the Latino portions of our country.  It is far past the time for sitting back and just taking what is handed to us.  The current presidential campaign is showing us that we must make a stand to be recognized.  The following excerpt shows how some are beginning to get the message.

Latino Celebs Write Open Letter Against GOP, 'The Party of Trump'

A group of Latino celebrtities-among them Benjamin Bratt, Ivonne Coll, America Ferrera, Dolores Huerta, George Lopez, Aubrey Plaza, Zoe Saldana, and Carlos Santana-have signed an open letter to the Latino community, urging them to denounce the anti-Latino and anti-immigrant "fear mongering" of GOP candidates.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The children pay the price

It has always been said that it is the children who pay the price of war.  But, it is also the children who pay the price of survival on this planet.  Too many of the innocent are being used and abused and exploited for the gains of a few who have no care for any aside from themselves.

We see now in Europe more examples of this occurring again.  We must fight against this and we must do it now.  There is no greater social distortion than the exploitation of our young.

Europol Warns Pan-European gangs Are Targeting Child Migrants For Sex Work and Slavery, Say 10,000 Missing
Europol says over 10,000 child migrants have gone missing after registering with authorities and fear gangs may be exploiting many for sex work and slavery.
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Friday, February 5, 2016

Mystery and Conspiracies

When it comes to mystery and conspiracy theories, I like to get into them as much as the next guy.  Looking at the photo, do you think this statue is really depicting a laptop?  Could time travel have been possible?  My question would concern the authenticity of the statue and any related works that coincide with the statue.  Surely, there are other items that might offer another theory.  Perhaps, you could offer another idea or expand on this one?

Does this ancient Greek statue show a laptop with USB ports?
People are going nuts over an ancient Greek statue that some conspiracy theorists say depicts a woman using a laptop with USB ports.
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Time for Trump to change

As more and more time passes, Donald Trump is becoming more and more high on himself. It is only a matter of time before his balloon will burst, and burst it will. It will be interesting to see what his antics will be then. It is about time for Mr. Trump to begin speaking as an intelligent man and as a candidate for the office of President, not as a buffoon for the cameras.
Trump Jokes He Could 'Shoot Somebody' Without Losing Support
"I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?" Donald Trump said in Sioux Center, Iowa. "It's like, incredible."
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