Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dirty jobs: the key to America's economic and environmental renewal - Yahoo! News

Brodhead, Wis. – Our economy remains deeply troubled, with unacceptably high levels of unemployment. Lack of conservation and bad agricultural practices have harmed America’s soils and water, producing, for example, the Gulf Dead Zone, which has grown to nearly the size of Massachusetts. Evidence of the impact of global warming grows daily.

These are serious, daunting challenges, but there is an ambitious policy plan that could directly address all of them, simultaneously: a new Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

A New-Deal triumph The original CCC was one of President Roosevelt’s most popular New Deal programs, providing some 3 million jobs. The corps planted more than 2 billion trees and created hundreds of parks nationwide, while putting young, largely unskilled people back to work.

We need a similar conservation-based jobs package right now, which would create jobs for millions of workers who could help restore and replenish the health of America’s natural resources.

This is a portion of an article but it clearsly is leading in the right direction and would put many back to work and increase national productivity.

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