Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pedal for Electricity

Hotel to guests: Pedal for electricity, get a voucher | Crave - CNET

The latest gimmick to come out of the fitness craze is a definite winner.  Why not have people exercise on a stationary bike to create electricity and receive a voucher in return for food, service or whatever.  Can you imagine if this idea were somehow applied to the homeless and poverty stricken people of this country?  It means going green, helping people, helping society and helping the economy... all in one simple package.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mr Dprince asks the Race question

The question is simple, "Are you a Racist or merely a Prejudiced individual?  Read on to make your decision



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Dear Osama

I have been promoting this old letter I once wrote, but never sent, to Osama bin Laden. 

Take a gander and imagine if everyone were to send this man a letter.

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In light of the recent 7.0 earthquake in Haiti and the slew of apocalyptic world ending movies, such as 2012, it seems only prudent that people should think about how they would react in similar situations.Continue...


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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Almost everyone has lived in a multi-unit apartment complex at some point in their lives or will likely do so in the future. How secure are we in apartments?  (Sorry, i am unable to repost this here but if you click on the link you will find the tips I provided.  Be safe.

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How to Fight Social Injustice

When thinking about the social injustices that exist in this world, a lot of different things come to mind. There are the simple injustices brought by men and placed upon men which would include theft, prejudice and racism, scamming, and blatant dishonesty. Then there are the major injustices...

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A prayer

My cousin Robert could use a little help.  See my prayer for him.  Read More...

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Fighting Social Injustice

How to Fight Social Injustice
There are too many social injustices that exist in this world.  Too many people think they can do nothing, but they are wrong. Read More

Volcano in Iceland


Remember that volcanic ash can add to the greenhouse3 effects already being produced by man.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iron man 2


This movie is going to ROCK!

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6.9 Quake hits China

CRIN - Child Rights Information Network - Resources -

Tibetan people suffer thousand of casualties from earthquake and after shocks.  The planet is plagued by an increased number of earthquakes of strong intensity.  Is there some relationship between them all that has been overlooked?

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dixie Carter dies

Dixie Carter at the 41st Emmy AwardsImage via Wikipedia
It is hard to believe that Dixie Carter of Designing Women (The Sugarbaker girls) has died.  She was 70 years old and passed away in her sleep.  We enjoyed her many roles and wish her a fond farewell.  Just another distortion of our social world.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Destiny soundtrack

Destiny is a new soundtrack by a local garage band that seems to offer some good musical possibilities for the future. I ran across this on facebook on a friends page.  I asked why he had this on there and was told that this was his son.  I was
impressed so I thought it only fitting that I share this with the world.  Click on the picture for the link and download the Destiny track from zshare.  I think you will enjoy. The band is TWENTY ELEVEN.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dubai jail sentence for UK kissing couple

My Way News - Dubai jail sentence upheld for UK kissing couple

After reading this, and i think many others should read this as well, the only words that seem appropriate are, "God Bless America".  You never appreciate what you have until it is gone.  May this country never reach a point of denying civil liberties like Dubai.  This time a kiss was more than just a kiss.  It was a jail sentence.
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