Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slum lords exist even in Dickinson Texas

This picture gallery is of a rental home in Dickinson, Texas.  It is unfit by any legal terms for human habitation but is rented out for the going rate of $550 plus matching deposit and outdoor pet deposits (because of fleas although fleas exist among the other bugs and varmiints) and $200 indoor pet deposit.  All windows are sealed shut, back steps broken, bqack door is unusable, parts of building are open to outside, building is unpainted, building has mold, there is inadequate ventilation and the outside is littered with wood and construction debris, tree limbs, concrete pieces and miscelleneous leftovers.  There are several non working lights and fans while  98% of the electical covers are non existent and electrical wiring hangs from ceilings.

The list continues..... 

A person may be poor....why must they be forced to live poor?  Why are landlords allowed to rent places in such conditions?  the owner of this property owns even more such places,

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Will we ever learn?

The slogan on this banner says it all.  The question still remains, "Do we ever really learn what is truly happening?  Do we e ver learn from our mistakes?"

MY question now is, "Will we now see BP in bankruptcy court and a petroleum industry that needs a bailout?"  Hmmmm!!!!?

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