Sunday, October 10, 2010

John Lennon - stand by me video on CastTV Video Search

To John Lennon:
Your words and music stand by me everyday as I try to survive in a world so fraught with dangers and so blessed with miracles. Thank you.

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Mr dprince knows economic woes » Mr Dprince Knows

Every day a new story of the economic trials of Americans is broadcast on television station or another. I can empathize with these people because Mr Dprince knows economic woes also.
Life is never easy no matter what income strata we occupy. I have been all around the income table except for being filthy rich. So, being unemployed or living in poverty makes no difference to me. Why? Because no matter what the circumstance at the moment, it will change, for better or for worse.
We must live and continue to live. We must delve into ourselves deep to utilize the spirit that God gave us to overcome any and all obstacles that life throws at us. Some might say, being poor is actually a blessing, something bestowed upon those to ready them and the world for tougher times.
No one should have to do without the necessities of life. No one should have to forego the pleasures that a good life can offer them. No one is above another in worth. Mr Dprince knows this to be true.
Economic woes abound and still no one listens to the cries of the people.

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